Family Day – September 2014

Debbie Quinn from the UK runs her own Organic Farm on a massive plot of land in Geel. Here is a brief description of her operation : We left the rat race to set up a smallholding and to do our best to be self sufficient. We grow and rear all our own produce and try and revive old lost crafts.”

She rears her own chicken, ducks, goats, etc and grows various types of fruit and veggies all organically. She also hosts Farm Tours to introduce people to the world of organic farming, and she offers various workshops in goats cheese making, soap and hair products making, yoga retreats, organic dinner parties and much more.
MABL is honored to been invited by Debbie to attend a personalized tour and watch a demo of soap-making. She will also provide freshly made home-made bread, cheese, soup and will provide juice, tea and coffee.
Date: Saturday 27th September
Time: From 11am till 1pm
Location: Lindenstraat 8,
2440 Geel.
The farm owner’s mobile number just in case : 0499 717 679
Just a reminder that this is a MABL member only event and it is FREE. If you are interested to take part, please RSVP no later than next Friday, the 19th September 2014.
Feel free to contact Vanessa ( or Angelina ( if you have further questions regarding this outing.

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