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How we began

The establishment of MABL was initiated and spearheaded by the Embassy of Malaysia in Brussels. The first draft of the constitution was presented by its Minister Councilor, En. Zainol Abidin Omar. On December 8, 2001 – First meeting with dinner at the Europa Apartment Hotel, Brussels. The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Dato’ Deva Mohd Ridzam. The draft constitution was discussed. And by April 27, 2002 – Meeting with dinner held at the Ambassador’s Official Residence. Opening address was graciously given by the Ambassador, H.E. Dato’ Deva Mohd Ridzam. At the meeting a protem chairman (Mr. Liew Chong Ho) and secretary (Mrs. Kamachi Verschoor) were elected; the Malaysian association was named as Malaysian Association of Belgium and Luxembourg (MABL); and the constitution of the Association was finalised.


Executive Committee for 2015-2016

Patron: Her Excellency Ambassador of Belgium and Luxembourg

President: Sarah Vanherck
Vice President: Nita Blackwell
Secretary: Gina Adele Ding
Treasurer: Amanda Mellor
Embassy Liaison Officio : Zainal Izran

Committee Members:

Nages Vanham
Vanessa Lewis
Sophia Rajah
Zul Amari
Martin Mellor
Connie Hillewaert
Grace Lim


MABL exco wiv Ambass

Executive Committee for 2013-2014

Patron : His Excellency Ambassador Dato’ Zainuddin Yahya

President : Rohana Mohamad
Vice President : Angelina Ong ​
Secretary : Vanessa Lewis
Treasurer : Chelvas Matami

Committee Members :

Gina Ding
Martin Mellor
Amanda Mellor
Connie Hillwaert
Jessie Vrambrout

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Malaysian Association of Belgium and Luxembourg